Angular 8 IVY Locality & tree Shacking

Angular Ivy – Incremental Compiling


Compile one component and it’s template at one time. It’s will not look into its dependency. So there will be less number of instructions while generating the output which means Incremental builds.
IN Renderer2 – > it’s was unable to do this because it to static analysis of code and generate metadata.json file that used for instruction and send to angular interceptor and interceptor convert these into readable DOM.
Ivy locality skip these step and directly make html template into instruction that are readable DOM.

Angular 8 IVY

Ivy is designed in such a way that it removed the unwanted code means the code that call during execution. IVY do static analysis of your code and all possible scenarios like you import a function but it will never called.   FYI

Import  { awesomeFunction } from  ‘/etc’.
const  check : Boolean = false ;
 if(check) {



In this awesomeFunction will never called. Right ?

It includes

  1. Template syntax
  2. Dependency injection
  3. Content projection
  4. Structural directives
  5. Lifecycle hooks
  6. Pipes
  7. Queries
  8. Listeners

SO… IVY means what ??

According to me ( Gajender )  –
Smaller builds, Faster rebuild times & Faster development

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